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Always keep your mind as sharp as the blade you carry.

Custom knives built to your preferences.
Give us your ideas and we can bring that blade to life!


The story of 12 Stitch Blades begins with myself, John.

I had bought a brand new pocket knife from a gun shop that was supposed to be a great knife and the first day I had it the tip broke. So instead of buying a new one, I decided I was going to make one. I made a few more and realized I enjoyed it enough to turn my hobby into a business. 


Now, I'm sure you're wondering where our name came from. The first blade I ever sold sliced my hand open and it took 12 stitches to sew it back together. The doctor said the blade was so sharp that the blade caused no internal injuries, just a clean slice.

His words were, "That is a good 12 stitch blade."


Here we strive to make blades for anyone's need or desire.

We do not make anything we don't expect to be used or anything we wouldn't use ourselves. Our blades are meant to be used in everyday life, whether it be for protection, hunting, fishing, tactical carry, or general purpose. 

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